Hello all! I’m Alyana Carrell the ELDD (El Lider Del Dia). Today was our second day of the CAP (community action project). The morning started off by waking up at 7am, and having a second wake-up call at 7:30. Going into today it was much easier knowing what needed to be done. We started our morning off with a great nutritious breakfast full of fruit. We went into today trying to get the most finished as possible by working together with our local community partners. We had come to many group agreements in order to make this project the best it could be. Since we knew what to expect the day went much smoother, and the paint was used much more efficiently. As of today,we started our group mural. The group mural was made between all the students with everyone’s ideas put into one. The mural is a globe, with a light bulb and hands around the globe. This mural represents us as a group, smart, travelers, loving and working all together.

IMG_1717 IMG_1725 IMG_1731 IMG_1732 IMG_1744IMG_1778IMG_1714