Today we woke up, ate breakfast and went straight to Parque Caceres. At the park, we helped FEMUCAMO (an organization of campesina women working for social and economic independence) set up a yucca fair to help raise money. We had stations for food, music, kids’ activities, games and information. During the fair, FEMUCAMO and Global Glimpse worked together as a team to make the fair possible. We split up into groups such as the Logo committee, money management committee, publicity committee, and event planning. But before we started to sell any of the yucca items, the governor and the mayor came to say a few words about how what we were doing would benefit many rural women from Moca. Everything was recorded and broadcasted on television. Even one of our fellow Glimpser, Alonso Amezucua, spoke about the fair. After all the wonderful things were said, we started to sell the yucca products made by the women in FEMUCAMO. Many citizens of Moca came to support and buy all the products. The women even had to go back home and make more food because the sold out quickly. While some of the women left to make some food, the music kept on playing and some of the Glimpsers started to dance making the environment really fun. We also had another Glimpser, Fabian Martinez, go to the radio station and broadcast the fair. Once the women came back with the food, so did the business and it got busy again. By the time we left, FEMUCAMO had already raised $13,000 pesos ($280 dollars) and they continued to sell after we left to teach our last English class. It was an emotional day for some. Many had little parties with their class, and there was a lot of picture-taking. Many Glimpsers got close with their students so it was hard to say goodbye. After English tutoring, we went back to Monte de Oracion, ate dinner, and had our last nightly meeting.

While working with FEMUCAMO, we learned a lot of new skills. We learned how to plan events and actually succeed at what we put our minds to. During the event we got to see the women of FEMOCAMO working with enthusiasm. Ourselves and the other Glimpsers worked hard, but at the same time had a lot of fun. Personally, we felt welcomed and comfortable working with FEMUCAMO and we also had a great time trying all delicious yucca products. I believe that today made a big impact for Global Glimpse because it taught us many skills that we will be able to take back to the United States and that will also benefit us in the future such as event planning and how to manage money. Today was our last day of tutoring so many of our students threw surprise parties for all of us. I believe that our students really made a big impact on us because they brought us many good times and laughter for the days we saw them. When classes were over it was emotional to say goodbye because there was a lot of hugs and wishes for the future. Also it was emotional because it’s most likely that we won’t see them again, but that’s why we exchanged information with our students. Overall, it was an amazing day and a day where we made a change that may keep going as time passes by.

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