What’s cooking scholars, today we took a break from activities and got our hands dirty. It wasn’t easy, in fact, we took it to the community and supported a local school known as German-Abdo (her-Mahn abdo). The first day we were introduced to the school we saw the need of our help. Seei g that the schools had empty patches of grass along with blank walls and some students of the local school were even getting injuries because of these issues, so rhis motivated us to take initiative as a group. As planned, we divided ourselves into two groups, one painting the mural while the other worked on replacing the dry patches. In spite of our drive, we faced a multitude of obstacles and one of those was communication. As with every beginning comes disputes and so not everyone tends to be on the same page. However, as time passed we started gaining rhythm and aligning to others’ thoughts. Eventually, we learned that the issue of communication can be the most important factor when it comes to working as a coalition. Surprisingly within an hour, we were able to adapt and learn how to terraform via breaking dry soil and replacing it with slabs of grass. On the same coin, we are most proud of how quickly we were able to progress in our endeavor. The group inspired us to step out of our roles as leaders and step in as driven members of an important cause. As líders del día and workers of our CAP project, it was difficult juggling both roles spontaneously. Even with this main issue, we felt it gradually became second nature.

Well, we cooked scholars catch you on the next one,

Alexander Rijo-Martinez & Xanti-Alexavier Teneza Souza