On our final day of working on our CAP project at Infrancia Sin Frontera, we woke up at 6:30 to a warm climate day. We ate the usual gallo pinto along with eggs. Heading toward the site made all of us experience many mixed feelings, among those was a sense of completion for helping the students’ work place as well as sadness for just realizing that there are only three days left on our journey in Nicaragua.

Most of the hardest work was completed the first two days by cleaning out the gutters and creating a straight-lined wall to hold the plants in the dirt. We spent most of the time finishing up what we started and putting the finishing touches. We flattened dirt, added all of the flowers we had in storage to the garden, clean up all the debris/rocks, and apply fresh soil to the ground.

When we finished the project completely we handed off school supplies and utensils to the teachers and administrators of the facility, and they were very grateful as well as pleased with the work we did. We also completed a mural consisting of the alphabet, numbers and pictures. The students of the place were also very thrilled to have help from 19 dedicated and unique young adults.

After a long day of work, the global team headed back to the hostel were we enjoyed a delicious burger. After a well deserved rest, the team had a lecture on human rights solely based on Nicaragua. The discussion, held by Silvan Wiersma, was a real eye opener for the group because of how humans rights differ from country to country. We, as a team, realized how privileged we are to live in a country where our human rights are respected and preserved.

At about 5:45, the team headed to their final English tutoring prep class. The class as always was excited and eager to learn. Although it was our last full class day, we made the most of it. We did our best to teach the class and we as a whole can say we will truly miss teaching. We left a significant impact on the native Nicaraguan people in their learning of English, and we hope the torch we lit will continue to burn for years to come.

In less than three days we will be reunited with our homes and family, and we can say that we have never missed you and the U.S. as much as we do now. Although this experience was full of challenged, learning, and life changing events for all, we can say we are almost ready to come back home!