Today was our first day working on the CAP, and it was amazingly fun. We got so much accomplished: we scraped the old paint off of the market area and applied a new coat of salmon pink, repainted the fountain, cleaned and repainted three bathrooms.  But that’s not all we did, we started the day with a wake up to the Frozen song ( Build a Snowman ) sung by me only to find the girls weren’t in their rooms. They were hiding in the other girls’ dorm bathroom and I have to say it was a pretty good prank, only I forgot to wake up the boys because I was searching for girls. Everyone made it the breakfast which was really good considering I don’t try many things. But after breakfast we did an energizer of a game we call (Group) followed by the game (Wa) and closing with the game (Mailman) have your kids teach them to you. Then we headed to the bus where we rode to Casa De La Mujer and began working on the project to build a market for the community among fixing things within the building. We were all working so much they didn’t even want to stop for a break (I took mine though). But we all took our lunch break at the amazing restaurant Nativa where we ate this new kind of spaghetti. After lunch we headed back to Casa De La Mujer and continued our work where we finished the bathroom, fountains and started painting the walls of the market. When it was time to leave, some of my peers wanted to stay behind and use their free time to continue working while the rest of us went back to the hostel and washed up before dinner. ( my arm is still pink though ) At dinner we got fresh lemonade with our tacos which so happens to be me favorite drink so you know I was happy. And we finished the day with our nightly meeting and I had to sadly pass the llama to out next leaders who you will know tomorrow.

PS, the llama’s name is Phillis De La Rosa Félix Horacio Josefino Terrance Dutton Pico Rico Pepito Chico Pi Aqumaqueisha and the next leaders will add their chosen names to the llama!