Hi! We are Liliane and Adia, the LDDs for today, which was working on the second and final part of our Community Action Project. We started off the morning with a 6:30 AM wake up call and had sandwiches and fruit for breakfast. Afterward, we headed over to La Canasta Comunitaria “Utopia” to finish what we started the day before. It was a very productive day, since we finished applying protective coats over the bricks, created an eco-friendly vertical garden, and built sturdy wooden shelves. Last but not least, some people carefully painted intricate designs on the doors with gold and navy blue paint.

While working, the fumes from the brick glaze had a very intense smell that made some uncomfortable but we persisted nevertheless. The Utopia staff kindly offered us pastries and bananas, and our lunch was chicken pasta with brownies. After eating, we continued with our work until 1:30.

Today also happened to be our last day to tutor English to the locals. We had a lot of fun and said our emotional goodbyes due to the valuable time we spent with the students over five classes. After our departure from Miguel Ángel León School, we returned back to the hostel to eat dinner.

As the Líderes del Día, we were aware of the responsibilities over the group and felt our we adequately addressed them. It was a great learning experience for us as we were doing things we had never done before. There were many instances where we were able to bond with the group and we look forward to many more of these precious moments as we wrap up our trip.

P.S. Some technical difficulties with the photos! We hope to have all of the most up within the next few days!