Today we went to the Panamá Canal. We went through the museum after watching ships pass through it. We learned about the history of the construction of the canal. The canal itself involved many nations then and even now continues to bring many new cultures and economic benefits to Panamá. Towards the end of the day, I noticed people having bittersweet sentiments concerning the next day; between leaving their newfound friends and returning to their families. Though there were many complex emotions throughout the day, the group had reached a consensus that the trip had affected us all on a profound level and has become integrated into our characters. Personally, I had many experiences that would have not been part of my normal summer of sleeping-in and binging Netflix, which have changed my core values fundamentally and altered my outlook on how I will handle challenges to come. As leader of the day, I went in doubting my capability to guide the course of the day -considering what tomorrow has in store. As I’m writing this blog I realize that being a leader is not a solo task, as a leader is nothing without people to lead. What I mean is that my wonderful roommates are proofreading this as I am typing, which I think embodies what effect Global Glimpse has had on us all. Thank you to all who have made this experience possible.