Recent posts from: San Juan De La Maguana – 7/27/2015

Amazing, enriching and fun day!!!!!

Hay everyone I’m Leonel terrero, program coordinator for San Juan De La maguana and today I had to model how  to be an effective and efficient lider of the day,  Spanish” El Lider Del Dia (ELDD) for our 3th  amazing delegation. So the day went like this:...

Successful First Full Day!

I am Urbe Secades, the Site Manager for San Juan de la Maguana and today I was role modeling the Leader of the Day. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. I cannot think about a better quote to start off this life-changing journey with Global...

What’s up

Hey guys, I’m Lonnie, I’m 17 & I go to Chelsea high School in Mass, I’m a super sociable person and really easy going. I’m excited for our trip to learn new things, meet new people & try new things.

running shoes

Hi my name is victory and I am looking forward to experiencing something new and hopefully meeting some new people. I am very active and energetic. I tend to be daring at times, just to try something new.I love learning and tend to ask a lot of questions, but overall...


Hi I’m Valeria and I go to James Logan High School in Union City. I’m shy and quiet at first but once I get comfortable I become a ball of energy. I look forward to spend time and get to know all of you guys and experience this trip together.