IMG_0526[1] IMG_0542[1] IMG_0547[1] IMG_0552[1] IMG_0557[1] IMG_0560[1] IMG_0534[1]Our day started with a bus ride to Castillo del Cacao where we enjoyed a tour of the chocolate making process. During the tour, we got the chance to taste fresh Ron Bon’s, some of Castillo del Cacao’s famous chocolate rum bites topped with a cashew. At the end of the tour we purchased much of what they had to offer, ranging from baking cacao to roasted cacao nibs. Next on the agenda, we made our way to Solcafe which is a central processing plant involved with cooperatives of Cecocafe. We toured the building in which they shell, sort, and store some of the coffee beans before roasting them. After, we all gathered in a room to experience a true coffee tasting. Squashed around one turn table we smelled, tasted, and spit all forms of coffee and then gave our opinions. We were then allowed to purchase some delicious coffee to bring back home as we all thought it quality joe. This day was all part of our experience in global business and fair trade. It’s safe to say we used our brains as much as our money.