This is Jimmy and Jeff from the Ecuador trip. Today we had an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. We embarked on a journey to Mount Chimborazo, where the group hiked on the trail, led by our intrepid tour guides Edison and Alfredo, locals of the region. We rested at the First Refuge where we enjoyed the local delicacies and hot chocolate. On the way, we experienced harsher weather than we were accustomed to like the freezing temperatures, the harsh winds, and even hail. We witnessed many great scenic views such as the mountainside, the green hills, and the herds of vicunas [relative of the llama]. We were taught by our guides about the various plants and the lifestyles of the population in the area. Afterwards, we hiked down Casa Condor where the weather dipped and we experienced a hailstorm. While the trip was difficult, we ultimately had a lot of fun.

As leaders, it was hard to keep track of both the other glimpsers and ourselves. We constantly had to ask the group if they were feeling well and if they had drank some water. We also had to make sure that we were doing fine throughout the day as well. We learned what it truly meant to be a leader of a group and experienced firsthand what it meant to be a true glimpser.

The group also discovered the positive and negative associations with tourism in the developing world. On one hand, the country gains attention and support from other groups and may increase their standings. On the other hand, there is the possibility of the destruction of the natural environment and its people. It is important for a country to learn about the balance between positive and negative effects of tourism.

We hope you parents are excited to read about our next post!

Sincerely, The Glimpsers.