We are at the end of our trip. Today was a day of laughs, tears, hugs and reminiscing. For final reflection day the Glimpsers and I reflected back on our journey this summer. We came a long way. We started our trip as strangers in a foreign place. Now we have completed one chapter of our journey as a family leaving what feels like a second home. I truly appreciate all that I have learned here in Constanza. I especially appreciate having had the opportunity to meet all the people we encountered during our trip: Dilenia, Marino, Cristiana, Wilson, Sandi, Amauri, and Scott just to name a few. Within only two weeks we grew close feelings for one another. Powerful, inspiring , and growing leaders who took constructive critics to fix their everyday skills whether it was for being a leader or enhancing there skills as one. On behalf of my fellow Glimpsers and I we would like to say this trip had a wonderful impact on all of us and it was one of the greatest experiences that we could have ever received. Even though we do not want to par from one another there’s still a flight we must catch. The first flight is going straight to New York however it will be a lay over for the San Frisco Glimpsers. Flight b of course is the second flight which will be leaving later than flight a with the Boston glimpsers. This trip as said before has push all of us to begin to do great wonders, within ourselves and the communities will we on our way back to. I cried plenty of times but as I sit here and type my spirit lift really high , and my mind begin to start acknowledging that life goes on and everything happens for a reason. Before I wrap this up we will like to thank god , the donators, workers, and volunteers for making this trip happen.  Hope you enjoyed our blog! Catch us on the ladder of success making change and a everlasting legacy for our present which is the generation behind us future.