imageToday we began with day one of our community action project. What we did today was mainly clean up the garden, and begin repainting the signs. After that we had a good afternoon of English classes with our students, as usual. What we learned today was that without a clear refined plan, progress is much more difficult than it could be. Though what surprised me the most was how much the garden changed in one day of work. When we were finished with the garden it looked almost completely different. With the branches and leaves removed, along with the soil tilled, it finally began to look more and more like a professional garden. What truly made me proud of my peers was how hard-working they were throughout the whole ordeal. When our group decided the tilling work was done, one of my peers went above and beyond to improve it further. That person was also the most inspiring person of the day, as he didn’t settle for imperfection, he kept working until he achieved it, through his hard work. Being El Líder del Día was a little awkward for me, personally, as it was new to me. There were a few hurdles, like the faucet breaking and paint spilling, but I did my best to lead the team in fixing the problems and getting back to work as quick as possible. We look forward to working hard again tomorrow!