Greetings to all! I am Antony Le, a student from San Jose’s Andrew P. Hill High School. Today, I had the opportunity to lead as “Leader of The Day” and organize our Community Action Project (CAP), which took place at a special education school in Leon, Nicaragua.

Our Community Action Project was comprised of renovating three main areas: the garden, a restroom, and two classrooms. During our initial tour of the school, we identified these areas as a need for improvement because the students would benefit the most from our sustainability and labor. In the restroom, we observed a small and dark concrete room with cracks and holes within the floor and room. As a result, our students started to retile the floor, repaint the walls, and replace the roof. In the garden, we noticed that there was an excessive amount of weeds and insufficient amount of vegetables and fruits. Thus, our students sought to help develop a more sustainable effort for food by planting vegetables that would help feed the school. Additionally, providing more vegetables and sources for food allows the special education students to develop life skills to help them for more opportunities in the future. For the classroom, we wanted to not only repaint the walls a more suitable and neutral color, but to add chalkboard paint on the walls so that students could write on the walls without damaging the school. Overall, we wanted to establish a more accommodating environment for the students, staff, and community by improving these areas.

My personal highlight of the day included painting the classroom while listening to music with others as that provided a sense of relaxation and memory of home. This is because I similarly painted in my high school within “Paint A Change”, a club that paints murals for elementary schools. I enjoyed the presence of friends working together towards a common goal of improving not only the school, but the surrounding community.

In addition to being Leader of the Day, I was elected as CAP Co-Manager. In this position, I focused specifically on the financial and budgeting aspect for the materials of the project. I really enjoyed this position because I was allowed to use my skills of organization and communication to ensure a sustainable project.

All in all, it was very enjoyable being leader of the day for the first day of the community action project because I was able to become more aware of the community surrounding my peers and myself. By helping improve the condition of the community, I believe that Global Glimpse has set off a chain reaction of positivity.

Additionally, sorry for the delay of blog posts. The WiFi is down at the hostel and we are trying our best.
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