Hello Glimpser family and friends!!

This is Sydney Cerri and Lucy Malamud-Roam! We were today’s leaders for the Community Action Project (CAP) delivery day one. Today, we woke up bright and early at 7:00am. We then walked to Onaney and ate yucca, passionfruit, and sausages.

From there, we bused to the community that we’ve been working with: Arroyo Loro. Arroyo Loro is a community bursting with children eager to learn, but the school they currently are taught in is in poor shape. The children are cramped into small rooms, where it makes it hard for students to focus, lacking a roof, they are at the whim of the weather for whether they can attend that day. Global Glimpse was invited to help the community better the conditions for these blossoming youngsters. The group was able to work as a team by painting a beautiful mural, fixing the fences and roof, and laying cement for the basketball court.

When we arrived at Arroyo Loro, we were instantly welcomed into the school by the faculty and all simultaneously got to work.

By half past 12:00pm, we had accomplished so much by working as a team. We were able to lay sand and concrete for the basketball court, apply our base layer of white paint onto the walls, and fix the fence. We had a quick break for lunch, and, after several more hours of hard work, we finished up our first CAP day! You’ll hear loads more about that tomorrow!

In the ladder part of the day, we had a highly anticipated hour and a half of free time, during which we made the most of our time exploring this beautiful city.

At four, we headed back to the hostile to get ready for our final day of English tutoring. The group walked to the nearby high school for a bittersweet lesson. We all have come to love our students so much, so saying goodbye was difficult, but knowing we had made a difference in their lives was worth it. We broke the tension with a fun dance party. “Sydney danced like a pro”, Lucy said. And Lucy sure had a good attitude!

Overall, it was an eventful day for the Glimpsers, and we can’t wait for tomorrow!

Shout outs!

Sydney: I love and miss you mom, dad, Cole, Max and I can’t wait to tell you all about my trip when I come home!

Lucy: Hi mama Hi papa!!!! Gahhhh I’ve been having a craaaazy time down here and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! I ate a passionfruit! It was okay! Jkjk I liked it(: I loooove you!!! Can’t wait to see you all so soon! Also hi Gentile Daniel! Still gentile? Haha probly. Love you!


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