Hello Family and Friends. We woke up a hour earlier than the other Glimpsers to prepare for being the Líder del Día (Leader of the Day). For breakfast we had mashed plantains, fried eggs, salami and pineapple juice. After that, we prepare to present our CAProject which was divided into four different groups to support the community, Colonia Kennedy.

The first project was to create a logo for the community to show their professionalism and to make them more official and recognizable. The second project was to fix the damaged water pipe that caused paint stripping inside of the community center to prevent any further damages to the building. The third project was to create two murals to represent community progression and unity and children representation. The fourth project was to have a fun day that will consist of activities for the community. We explained our projects to five of the locals that came to input of ideas to the locals, and they gave feedback on what they wanted.

After, the presentation we had lunch, which we had Sancocho (soup). After, lunch we split into two groups, we had one representative from each committee to buy materials for our project, while the rest headed to Colonia Kennedy to get a head start on the projects. We had a rough start, but once we all united, we all worked extremely hard. For the first day we made so many progress, and after that we were exhausted. We got some energy after dinner, then started our letters of appreciation to thank our sponsors and supporters for giving us a life time experience.

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