Today, we began the central project that we have been preparing for all trip- our community action project, in which we build pipelines and deliver purified water to communities. On our first day, we began our ambitious journey with a scrumptious breakfast consisting of pancakes, fruits, eggs, and cherry juice. Then we headed off to the C.A.P. site, the Crucero community. This beautiful, tight-knit community welcomed us and taught us all about how to use the equipment and stay safe!

At 8:45 am, we enjoyed some snacks then headed off to work until 12:00 pm for lunch time. After lunch was done, we then began our work of digging and shoveling the holes for the piping. Although the work was hard, we still managed to get through the whole day with positivity!

For all of our hard work, we were surprised with some ice cream that the staff bought for free for us! The ice cream was super yummy; so much so that some people decided to get seconds. It was a very rewarding and relaxing surprise, and we all thanked them many times.

Once we arrived home, we worked hard on appreciation letters for the people who supported us through our applications and placement into Global Glimpse. Although we only just started on the drafts, everyone was able to write beautiful and expressive letters that will become even more impactful as we continue to work on them. After our letters, we ate dinner and took some time to get ready for bed!

Overall, the highlight of our day was the Community Action Project. With plenty of rest and water breaks, we accomplished a small step in our incredibly large and impactful goal. We connected with locals in the community, despite large language barriers and tiredness. We were able to celebrate the beauty of helping others by working together as a team, and always being there to translate, support, or deliver breaks! Soon, we hope to continue our project and help create a change that will benefit the community for years to come!

Big Love <3,
Sofie Azmi and Alexia Martinez 🙂

PS: Hugs and kisses to Rex the dog!