Helloooo!!!!!!!ย  Aidan and Elizabeth here!

The wake-up call today was at 7 am, but we got up at 6:45 am. Actually, Elizabeth got up at 6:00 am. Aidan’s alarm was set for 6:45 pm (Elizabeth had to wake up Aidan) LOL. After organizing the group for breakfast, we left for Martiniano Guerrero Freire School at 8:45 am to execute our CAP project.

At the school, our group quickly organized into groups for painting, gardening, and creating math games. We were really proud of everyone’s hard work and cooperation even while we were working in the blistering sun! Elizabeth did a wonderful job of forcing everybody to stay hydrated, while Aidan did an AMAZING job at keeping everyone on task (Thank you, Aidan!)

Isabel, our cook for the trip, delivered us a delicious meal for lunch, with an actual bucket of grapes for dessert (there were so many grapes!).

By 4:00 pm, the group’s hard work had paid off, so we’ll have a strong foundation to continue the project tomorrow, with our new leaders, Yaretzy and Quentin (THEY ARE GOING TO BE GREAT).

We ended our day of leadership by passing the torch to our future leaders and are currently writing this blog at the late, late, late hour of 9:22 PM. We had an outstanding day and finished off strong with encouraging words from everyone!

We hope tomorrow goes at least as well as today! Same for all the beloved readers (we read every comment, including the embarrassing ones!)

Happy Birthday to Yaretzy!!!!!

Good luck to tomorrow’s leaders we believe in you!

P.S Mom, Dad thank you for the sweet comment! – Elizabeth