The question of the day was: How can I help solve the worlds problems? What can I do to be part of the change? People could have completely different responses to this question, but to me, there’s no answer. The reason I believe there’s no answer to this question is because I feel like there’s no such thing as “solving the worlds problems.” I believe that people could work extremely hard to improve all aspects/conditions of the world but there’s no way to completely eliminate all of the complex problems that people face every single day all over the world. Whereas, being part of a change is a more feasible goal. Like what us Glimpsers are here doing in Nicaragua, for instance. We’re definitely not solving the world’s problems but we’re helping to make a change with what we have, one person or one community at a time.

Today was the day we officially executed our Community Action Projects in Monte Redondo. We spent about 3 hours this morning supply shopping for the projects that we all strategically planned to do. As soon as we walked through the gates of the school, the families of the community welcomed us with open arms. We were all excited for the Global Glimpse and community collaboration that would happen to improve the conditions of the school with the little we have in terms of money and time. Our plans were to paint the whole school and put murals on each side, plant a garden, repaint the playground, drape a tarp of shade over the playground, make a flower pathway, plant 10 trees, and make a brick patio in front of the school for events.


As the leader of the day, I wanted to make this process as stress-free as possible. I tried my hardest to let everyone know what they were doing at all times and, even if something went wrong, I strived to keep a calm and confident attitude to not disorient the group. What I struggled with today was that since it was a very packed and chaotic day, I had to help make things go smoothly so, even when I was down, stressed out or just tired, I had to keep the same composure to make sure the energy of the group stayed positive.


What I really took from today was that labor work could actually be really fun. I was kind of expecting to walk into the community, unpack my supplies and start dreadfully working under the burning hot sun. But, that wasn’t the case. The high energy and presence of the parents and children there to help us accomplish this project just made the whole vibe 10 times better. We were all excited to get to work painting and gardening and working hand in hand with the community. It just showed me that everything is what you make of it. No matter what situation you are in, your atmosphere and attitude can change the experience tremendously. So for that, I not only thank the people of Monte Redondo but also my fellow Glimpsers for going in with an open mind and heart, going with the flow and making every experience/opportunity worthy to remember forever.


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