Today we started our Community Action Project or CAP where we help a local children’s soup kitchen. Comedor Emanuel needed: four benches, two tables, a mural, and a sign. So, today we went out to buy the materials to get started.

In the morning we divided ourselves in groups that would take care of our different tasks. We figured out what we would need to complete them. One group bought all the paint, another went out to get materials for the sign, and a third group got all the wood that was needed for the project. We were lucky enough to work with a carpenter called Armando who supported our idea of helping Comedor Emanuel and decided to prep all the wood for us. This made our deadline possible for the carpentry part of the project.

In the Comedor there are two rooms that need to be painted, one of which will have a mural of a boy running through a field and painting a rainbow. We decided to make a mural since we wanted something that the kids could smile at while they eat.

The eighty kids that eat at the Comedor are homeless children of Matagalpa who are unable to afford food on their own. The Comedor gives the children a place free of their typical responsibilities and allows them to act their own age for a short time during the day.

Tomorrow we’ll continue the project and will be done by Thursday afternoon.

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