Hello everyone:
Today was the second day of the community action project otherwise known as CAP. There was only one leader of the day today which was Aissatou Dieme.

The day started at 7:00am where all the students had to wake up and get ready for breakfast at 7:30am. Breakfast consisted of rice and beans and tortillas with cheeses filling. After breakfast the students had to get on the bus and head to the school that they were painting. The drive to the school was about ten minutes.Once the students got to the school they had to prepare the materials they needed to paint with. By 9:00am everyone was hard at work busy painting the rooms that they were assigned. Each room was already done with their base coat of white from the day before so today was the day to focus on painting the rooms Baja while adding designs to specific rooms. Their was a snack brake taken at around 10:30 which consisted of delicious cookies and guava juice. Everyone went back to work until lunch time which was at 12:00pm. Everyone started to get a little tired after work but that did not stop our determination to get our project done. We worked so hard that we ended up finishing up three rooms. As a result of our dedication, we were able to pack up 30 minutes earlier then the schedule.

When we arrived at the hostel at around 2:45pm, we went straight to the showers to try and get the paint off us and then had about two hours to relax which was well deserved ! At 5:00pm the we had dinner which consisted of enchiladas with Gallo pinto (rice and beans) on the inside and sprinkled with diced tomatoes,  such a delicious dinner, we had their daily nightly meeting and had a few hours free time before bed.