20150813_11024020150813_101258Today was one of the days we all have been waiting for; the Community Action Project day 2. It was the first day that we actually got our hands dirty, however more will be explained later in the blog, first I would have to summarize a well spent day. It started off as one of the typical days where we got up at 6:30 am and ate our breakfast at 7:30am but the day ahead would soon unfold itself to be far more than that. We got on the bus and headed to Bertha Gutiérrez which is the name of the school we are doing our CAP project. The bus rides are always fun as usual with my fellow glimpsers joking along the way and making silly comments about what we see through the window. Arriving at the school we breathed a sigh of relief for one because we were anxious to start the project and also because it seemed like a longer ride to the school than usual. We got off the bus with each of us holding a plant as each of us carried a plant to plant. We entered the school and formed a circle in a wide open space to the left of the school. We waited for two teachers who would soon come and express their gratitude for what we are contributing to them and to also explain the jobs they do at the school. We later on asked them questions which gave us a broader perspective of what it was like teaching at the school. With no hesitation we started to plan how we were going get started on planting our plants. We came up with our plans of how we would make the project flow smoothly and certainly it did just that. We finished early with planting the plants and now we would make progress on the next day’s plans for the project. The next day’s plans is to make signs for the school and today with team work and good time management we made it far and nail the boards onto the stance. We later then headed to lunch in which after much we had some free time. After free time we would soon start to prepare for our last lesson as English tutors which was probably one on the saddest parts of the day.

Today overall was a beautiful day. We learned a lot about ourselves and we definitely got closer together as a group. Being The leader of the day taught me a lot about myself such as reestablish in my self that I am a good leader and also that I can do anything I put my mind to. Overall I am very pleased with my performance as El Lider del dia and I would now take whatever I have learnt today to guide me in my future leadership positions.

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