Today, we focused on executing our vision for our Community Action Project. Early in the morning, we headed to La Amistad school for children with disabilities.

After getting to “Escuela La Amistad” and seeing the emphasis and teamwork that the whole group put in completing the project, I realized that we’d be able to make significant headway quickly. For example, we divided into three groups: people who would be building the shelves, those who’d be painting the mural, and those who’d be painting the benches. The process of building the shelves was pretty complicated because there were a lot of measurements to be made, and the minimum mistake would make us do everything all over. Even though mistakes happened multiple times, we all worked together to get through it.

We began at around 9 AM, and by 12 PM we had already assembled and painted both of the shelves. On the other hand, the group that was working on the benches had finished painting them, and the ones working on the mural had already made an incredible process. Afterwards, we took a break to eat lunch, and then continued doing some last touches to the shelves, benches, and mural. After working for two more hours, we nearly finished many of our tasks.

Tomorrow we will focus on putting the finishing touches on our project such as adding varnish to the shelves and benches. Then, it was decided to end the work for the day in order to continue tomorrow because the bus driver couldn’t come pick us up later on.

After getting back to the Hostel, we had 2 hours of free time, and most of us showered and prepared for our English tutoring classes. Then, we had dinner at five and went to tutoring after.

After all, we had a great day! We worked hard on the project, and had a great feeling of accomplishment after seeing the progress.image image image image