WIN_20160810_113619“Ring ring!!!” the sound of the alarm chimed at six in the morning. Today, we woke up earlier than usual to accomplish more for our Community Action Project (CAP). In the beginning, we, Lamya and Carmen, were nervous to be leaders of the day because we had a lot of responsibilities. We knew that it was going to be a busy day because it was our last day to work on our CAP project and graduation for our English tutoring students. During our CAP project, we were surprisingly energetic, organized, and patient in comparison to the first day. We encountered a lot of examples of team work during our project. The mural committee created various stations to get the process of painting quicker since we were running late. Also, it rained at unexpected times, but we all pushed through together to complete the project. After, we thanked the club we collaborated with (aka Femucano), they presented Global Glimpse with certificates and gifts they made. The people in Femucano truly became our motivation to accomplish tasks because we really wanted to help improve their community space.

Next, we celebrated our English tutoring students’ accomplishments for completing their course with Global Glimpse. We had specials presentations that we taught our students during the graduation ceremony. It was extremely exciting to see our students pass their classes and present what they learned to everyone else. However, it was also sad to let them go and understand we live in completely different countries. It was definitely a positive experience that we will always remember because we made new friendships and learned a lot. Being El Leader Del Dia turned out to be fun. We both gave our best energy and enthusiasm today since it was tiring. We learned that we work really well together, and this role helped strengthen our personal leadership skills. Not only did we learn the importance in being a leader; we learned more about each other in our growing friendship.