Hi Everyone! Today was the last day to complete the final CAP Project, which included painting the inside and outside of the classrooms and fixing the trail. We started off the day with a 6 AM wake up call and at 8 AM we headed over to the Special Needs School to get a head start on the project. Again, we split into the painting team and the trail team because we knew that we had a lot of work left to do. The management team went out to buy the remaining supplies we needed to accomplish the work.

For the painting team, we needed more paint rollers, brushes, and thinner because in the previous days we found it difficult to reuse the tools without smearing different colors of paint around the walls. We delegated our work equally by having some people working on the last internal classroom and finishing the two walls left on the outside. It was important that we had a rotational system when working because the fumes easily caused us to have headaches and feel dizzy. We painted all morning and all afternoon, and ended up finishing everything around 3:00 PM.

The trail team gathered blocks of cements from one place to another for the trail with a wheelbarrow and used a long wooden plank to ensure that we were placing the blocks in a consistent straight line. It was a highly intensive day because we had to use multiple people when moving blocks to their respectful places. We were shocked to find tarantulas living under the cement blocks and seeing huge moths on the ceilings of the classrooms. We also had to carry large slabs that the original trail consisted of and level it with the blocks of cement, which meant that we had to do a lot of soil digging. During the break, people were able to drink lots of water as well as interact with the children by playing soccer or running around. It really allowed us to feel rewarded and motivated to work to accomplish our CAP Project. Once the blocks were all set to its place we mixed cement to intact all the blocks and slabs together. Finally, with all the help we were able to finish the trail as well as the painted rooms with people alternating.

After everyone was finished with the project, we were able to bring Blanca Rosa to the painted classrooms to see her reaction. We took multiple pictures with Blanca Rosa as well as the whole team in front of our accomplished walls. For the trail team we decided to leave behind a bracelet under one of the blocks on the trail that had our Global Glimpse slogan De Humo written on it, in commemoration of all of our hard work.

Once the CAP Project was finished we headed back to our hostel to change and get ready for English Tutoring. Most groups did not have a lesson planned so they talked and brainstormed with their students about the Talent Show that will be happening tomorrow. There was a lot of dancing and singing among all of the groups, which was a great way to wrap up the entire day! Hope you enjoyed learning about today 🙂