Hello everyone! Today the Glimpsers went to Maria Auxiliadora to hand out certificates to the students, signifying the English tutoring classes Global Glimpse provided. Then, we went to la escuela Bertha Gutierrez for the third day to finish the Community Action Project. Everyone worked assiduously and tried their best to paint signs and entertain the children. We also broke some pirates! Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to plant the signs into the ground, so we will be doing that tomorrow. So far, the school looks tremendously better thanks to everyone’s great efforts! After the long work, we wrote letters to acknowledge everyone who helped make our Global Glimpse experience possible. Lastly, we had a very special dinner (pizza!) and celebrated Jackey’s birthday!

Being El Leader De Dia was not nearly as easy as I had anticipated. After all, we are so close to leaving, which may have caused several people including myself to be a bit laid back. I learned that it is actually a bigger responsibility than it seems. It provided me with an essential insight into perspective. Now I truly understand the significance of cooperation from every single person in any given group. Thinking back onto previous days, even merely one person can completely ruin everything. Though I was not the best leader nor the most inspirational, this is an important experience for me that I will carry throughout my entire life. Anyways, the end is near, and all of us will dearly miss our time here in Grenada. Have a good night!20150814_11461720150814_12023420150814_072902