Another day of waking up at 6:30 (At least we ate breakfast!) Then, we got to take the safari bus to Sonido De Yaque. Did I mention how tiring it is getting there?  It took around 300 steps back and down. It had our legs shaking towards the end! All the shaking was worth it because we got to meet and work with our host families. We had a scrumptious lunch with the people in the community. After eating lunch with everyone, we got to have some quality time with the kids in the community by drawing portraits, taking pictures, playing volleyball, and basketball! Sadly, our trip to Sonido del Yaque was over and we had to walk up those 300 steps in the hot Jarabacoa heat to get back on our safari bus. We came back to our hostel and had a fun mini trip to the supermarket to get some yummy snacks and ice cream!!! We drew up our plan for our CAP (Community Action Project) project drafts for Tuesday (Stay tuned). After that, we had our usual dinner at 7pm. We had a special birthday today and a delicious cake for our girl, NGAN!!! #18 #bdaygirl. Finally, we wrapped up our day with our nightly meeting and we will be going to the waterfall tomorrow 😉 Stay tuned!