┬íHola Familia!, This is from Alexis and Liza your “liders del dia”:

Today was the first day of our community action project delivery, (projecto puente/project bridge). We started off today by waking up at 7 am before eating a plentiful breakfast to fuel ourselves for the day! After the meal, everyone gathered the necessities for the day before boarding the bus and traveling to Barrio de las Flores.

Upon arrival, we observed the builders framing out the structure of the bridge by building the foundation for the concrete to be poured onto. The Global Glimpse students however focused their intentions on clearing the designated area, shoveling gravel, and looking for snails with the curious children, as well as playing with the kittens living in the houses nearby.

But it wasn’t just Global Glimpse students and volunteers helping with the project. Many of those living in the community on the other side of our soon-to-be bridge came over and assisted us with building, clearing, and shoveling as we pushed forward with our project.

Being in the community for the day was a great opportunity for us Global Glimpse students to get to know and interact with those of the two communities we are bettering. We are all very excited for tomorrow, to get even more involved with the project, and more involved with others who share the same passion.

– – Liza & Alexis

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