Today was my first day of being a leader however I was not alone. Instead of it being only me, I had a co-leader help me balance the part of being a leader and it was Ray. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have the courage to lead the whole group and he pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. Our day started with the group traveling to the polylepis forest where we  hiked for a good hour up to the summit. It was a struggle to climb through the windy breeze that would hit us whenever we walked but we conquered on. Once we arrived to the summit we congratulated each other for conquering our challenges such as altitude, fear of heights and the soreness of our feet. After that we went back to our bus to drive to the Chimborazo Refuge where we took photos.

Today taught me a lot about being a leader. It taught me to be more confident and to not think low of myself. Thanks to the group, I was able to conquer my fear of being a leader. Before Ray and I became the leaders of the day we decided that our goals were the 3 C’s which are compassion, courage, and commitment. This hike was a challenge for all of us and we stayed committed to the goal we had which was the summit.  We knew that the hike was a challenge for everyone so we decided to not leave anyone behind and that we would stay with them when they needed us. Overall, today was a courageous day for everyone because we fought some fears we had and we conquered the day.