Hello, Global Glimpse friends and family,

Today was our final day at the base house and we focused on learning about Conservation & Environmental Justice. To start our day we woke everyone up at 7:00 am on the dot and then enjoyed some French toast with eggs and fruit for breakfast at 8:00. During breakfast we discussed the three questions that we provided for each table which were: What is your favorite memory from the trip so far? What is one thing you will carry with you after the trip? And what is your most embarrassing moment from the trip so far? At 9:00 we did our mental warmup and we discussed our quote of the day which was: “Nobody made a greater mistake than they who did nothing because they could do only a little.” – by Edmund Burke. Our question of the day was: What is sustainability and why is it important to integrate it into development projects? At 9:30 we started making phone calls to our families to check in and explain our final plans for this week.

At 12:00 we had a delicious lunch which was pork chops, steamed vegetables, and mashed potatoes. Many people went back for seconds and thirds (especially the guys). From 2:00-4:00, we had a guest speaker named Carla who earlier in the week gave us a tour of her cheese farm. Today she presented her slideshow that she made for us about conservation and environmental justice and also provided informational videos with facts about Costa Rica. She also gave us some sweets (galletas) and played some games with us to wake us up. From 4:30-5:30, we wrote some letters of appreciation to donors who helped make this trip possible for all of us.

Then at 6:00 we had some dinner that was also really good which was Alfredo Pasta with bread and salad. Again, many of us went back for seconds and thirds (especially the guys). At 7:00 we had our nightly meeting during which we all bonded over it being our last day in the base house and how bittersweet it is. We then passed the torch to Kimberly and Emily who will be our leaders for the last day before our GGLs take over again.

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Have a great day! – Sabrina and Kira