Our day began as usual early in the morning, at this time of the day the weather is really cozy in Constanza. We had a great breakfast at base camp and started getting ready for the day.

Our first activity was a culture seminar so everyone would know what they can expect from the town and the locals. Some basic rules on how to keep safe on the streets and what they need to bring with them. We spent most of the morning talking about the culture of the town and sharing some of our own stories.

At noon we had a delicious lunch, a classic Dominican meal- rice with beef and beans accompanied with a green salad. After we were done and had some time to rest, we left our base camp to start the city tour.

We walked around the town, seeing some of the most interesting places of the town. We went to the fire department and had a great conversation with the firefighters on duty. They taught us about their jobs and the story of Constanza’s fire department.
After the fire department, we went to Constanza’s biggest park and felt the refreshing summer breeze of the mountains. As is usual on Sunday, the park was full of energy and families talking and playing with their kids. Then, we rested a bit on the park and continued to our next destination, the baseball field of Constanza. Luckily for us there was game going and we went inside to watch the game for a while.







By this time the heat was at full swing and we were starting to get tired. As we all know one of the best way to fight the heat is to get some ice cream so we did just that on our way back to base camp.

By the time we got back to the base camp, we were all tired and took a break to freshen up before starting the day’s self reflection. After all this was set and done we had our dinner.

After dinner we started our very first nightly meeting where we talked about how to be the leader of the day and how to exemplify the three C’s , Commitment, Courage and Compassion.

In the days to come up we will be seeing the students be the leaders of the day and show us their potentials. So stay tuned for our daily blog post.