Our Hostel “Dilenia’s”

Today after breakfast our students were a little more rested and ready for our first full day in Constanza. We started off learning about the GG rules, culture of our town and some history of the Dominican Republic. We also made a group agreement with guidelines from the students to build a safe culture for our own trip group. For example, we talked about respect, privilege, respecting different cultural values, supporting each other and looking out for each other.  

Students working in our hostel dining room.

After lunch we me our local ambassadors. The local ambassadors are high school students from Constanza recruited and trained by Global Glimpse to support our students during different activities on our trip. They will all get to know each other and this way the students can get to learn more about the local culture.

John guiding us on our city tour.

Street near our hostel. 

Students walking in the local park. 

When the local ambassadors arrived we went on a city tour with everyone. One of the stops was City Hall, The Plazoleta, La Fortaleza, we learned about the Dominican independence leaders as well as visiting the fire station and meeting with the fire chief to learn about their work in Constanza. We ended at a baseball field where some young kids were practicing. The students enjoyed playing with them a little bit and arm wrestling! Lastly we went and had some local ice cream!

Some of our students eating ice cream.

In the afternoon we had some free time for students to relax and then a workshop called “Self Reflection” before dinner, followed by our routine evening meeting. Then students head to bed to get ready for tomorrow.

Constanza is beautiful!