Hello! We are the dynamic duo of Carolina and Brandon, and we were leaders of the day. Boy, what a day! Today was filled with joy, tears and lots of love!

From the moment we woke up had to live like a local in the Dominican Republic. We got to experience what it felt like to live without electricity or running water for the day. We had to fill up buckets with water and use it to shower in order to get the full experience. We used our flashlights as a replacement for electricity to get dressed for the day. After a simple, yet delicious breakfast of bread and hot chocolate, we boarded the guagua (bus), and headed to a nearby community called Cañada de las Palmas.

Today was all about living in the family. Our family of glimpsers split up into groups of three to spend the day with their designated families. When we arrived to the houses, our families received us with love and big hugs. We then proceeded to help them out with household chores. When we finished our chores, we got a chance to converse with our new families over a game of dominoes. Julia, Carolina, Maya, Cecilia, and one of our GG leaders, Angelina, worked with their new family to cook our meal for the day.


After a long day of labor, we enjoyed lunch with all of the families and shared a very emotional moment. We did a practice called “Big Love” where we expressed gratitude to one another and highlighted the positives of the day. This turned out to be one of our most emotional experience thus far. The conversation became so personal and loving that it brought the most unexpected people to tears. We really grew as individuals and learned the value of good old fashion love and quality time. Some people became homesick, including ourselves. #Family ;-). During this experience, we were told that rain is considered a blessing to the community, coincidentally each delegations’ arrival brought rain including ours.


Soon after, we proceeded to take pictures with our professional photographers. We made cool poses and will share some of the images later on. After our “photo shoot,” we headed down to the basketball court (la cancha – which was beautifully renovated by delegation 2) and played basketball with the locals. It got really intense after a while, especially since some of the girls decided to play as well. Big props to Julia, Ilexis, Carol, and Carolina for stepping up and representing the girls. We had a lot of fun.


After having a rough day yesterday, today was a great day and a great step up for everyone. We really enjoyed our stay with our families in the community. In addition, we were able to grow as leaders, even though we were told we inherently had that within us.


#Brandon: Today, I learned what it truly means to be a leader. Even when circumstances appeared to be difficult. I believe a leader must always stay positive and motivate the entire group. I feel like I accomplished a lot of what it means to be a leader despite some mistakes. However, I came to a realization that all leaders make mistakes, but good ones don’t let it hold them back from achieving greatness.

#Carolina: Today, I learned what being a leader meant to me. I’m very happy I shared my day with Brandon and I believe we did a great job at working together. I also realized that I exhibit a lot of compassion towards others as I heard that from my peers all day. I believe a leader should not only be firm, but also compassionate and a great listener. I feel like both Brandon and I accomplished that today. During the nightly meeting, we received positive constructive feedback from everyone in the group. We were told that we really went above and beyond during our leadership. We completed all of the tasks that were given us and then some. We took the initiative to call bedtime and lights out when we realized that the GG leaders were already occupied preparing for the next day. I personally am very organized and thought I executed that very well today. I’m really happy I was able to take care of my friends and allowed them to have such a great day.

Our day ended with a beautiful dinner and a successful nightly meeting by candlelight. We thoroughly enjoyed our last few hours as El Lider Del Dia, before passing the torch to fellow glimpser, Danae. We hope the advice we gave helps her to be an outstanding leader. Good Luck competing with the great Dynamic Duo!! 😉 ;-*