¡Hola Glimpsers!

My name is Liz Alfaro and I am one of the GGLs who will be traveling with you to Costa Rica. I am beyond excited to learn about Costa Rica with you all. Can you believe it is finally here? 

So a little about me. I really enjoy traveling, eating with my friends, watching Star Wars (never gets old), and watching my Dodgers play.  I am originally from Los Angeles, CA and made the decision to make Chicago my home 14 years ago. Best decision ever! It has brought me so many opportunities like being a part of Global Glimpse.  I am the Counseling Clerk/College Advisor at Westinghouse College Prep in the East Garfield Park neighborhood and when my colleague said she needed someone to sponsor Global Glimpse with her, I didn’t hesitate to sign up! Global Glimpse combines my two biggest passions in life, education and traveling. I have never traveled with students before but I look forward to getting to know each Glimpser on our trip and exploring Costa Rica together 🙂. Especially the food! 

As we prepare for our trip, I highly recommend bringing the following: 

  • Your passport (which will easily become  your most prized possession after this trip)
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Water bottle (we are staying hydrated)
  • Whatever our packing lists say
  • And of course, an open heart and mind 

See you all at the airport!