Glimpsers! The time is upon us! Pack your sunscreen, your DEET-heavy insecticide, your sturdy shoes, and your GUTS, because we are going on an adventure together in JUST ONE WEEK!!!

My name is Molly Niedbala and I am THRILLED to be your Global Glimpse Leader this summer alongside Jill. To tell you just a bit about myself (because we are aboutto get to know each other reeeal well), I grew up in Miami and studied philosophy at the University of Michigan; I’ve been a science teacher at the High School of Economics and Finance for three years; and I LOVE working with young people! I’m a nerd for outer space and I really enjoy hiking and eating (which is a passion that Jill and I share). In my free time, I fight for social justice, play old video games with my friends, and spend quality time with my extremely large cat, Noah, who I will miss terribly!

As an environmentalist and advocate for young people, I’ve always believed it’s important to try to understand the perspectives of others with lives completely different from my own. How else, besides by getting to know the world, can we know what to change about it to make it better?

I decided to join Global Glimpse to help facilitate this understanding in you. On our trip, we will get a glimpse of lifestyles and world views that we could not possibly have absorbed from a textbook or through a computer screen. I cannot wait to take in Bonao with you, and to use what we learn to make our world a better place!!!