Hola a todos!

This is Brittany… one of the Global Glimpse leaders. We had a very fun day today learning about culture. Our question of the day was: What role does art play in preserving local customs and traditions?

We started our day at 5:45am and we went to have a yummy breakfast of torta de huevo, frijoles, tortilla y queso. It was very yummy and we found out the special ingredient in our food…amor…love.

After a filling breakfast we came back to our hotel and had a seminar on culture. We talked about stereotypes and keeping an open mind when learning about new cultures. We also talked about how in order for our culture to be appreciated we don’t have to under appreciate a different culture.

Then we loaded onto our bus for a 30 minute drive to our field trip for the day. We went to a cooperative called La Ceramica Negro. When we arrived we were warmly greeted by Luz Marina and the other women who make up the cooperative. They taught us about two traditions that began over a hundred years ago and they were passed down through their abuelos. We then learned how to make a Ceramica Negra plate. There are 12 steps to make the clay and one of the steps involved walked 13 kilometers. They were so patient and proud of the process of making the ceramics. Each one of us got to make a plate and we put our initial on the plates. Then we learned to make Rosquilla which was a sweet bread made with corn and topped with sugar cane. The rosquilaa was very good and the women told us we can try and make it to share with our families in the States.

We left the cooperative where the women made us feel like family by sharing something so sacred to them. We took a bus home and ate spaghetti with chicken for lunch. Then we had some free time. After free time we learned about English tutoring which we will begin tomorrow and we had some time to bond as a team. We then walked to dinner and ate…… Hamburgers and French fries with iced tea. Every single plate was clean and energy was back. We got back to our hotel and reflected on our time together so far. All of a sudden we heard music and it was time for a dance class!


We had an amazing teacher who taught us dances from different regions in Nicaragua. We got our workout not only from dancing but also from all the laughter. At the end we were able to share a song and dance that is popular in the US right now.


We ended with a nightly meeting filled with reflection, laughs and more hopes for tomorrow.


It has only been three days but we have already had the experience of a lifetime. Nicaragua is so alive and we are excited to embrace all the opportunities here.


With lots of love,

Brittany and Team Tega