Waking up to Roosters, the smell of fresh air and the sounds of motoconchos (motortaxies) fast on their way to work and the fan in their rooms, is what our Bonao Glimpsers experience every morning as they are woken up by El Lider De El Dia (ELDD). Guided through a day filled with lots of smiles, dancing and interactions that would make any human want to move, jump and dance, we visited the shop of Piro, a very famous Carnaval pioneer here in the Dominican Republic. We were welcomed to his shop by his “Compalsa” (Team), dressed in non- traditional Carnaval characters defined by Social and Political issues that have or presently affect the Dominican Republic. Wow we had a blast. The Glimpsers really enveloped all the characters, learned a lot of the history of Carnaval and had lots of questions. Just take a look at how much fun they had!


We continued our day with a very sizzling dance class, were we learned the art of Merengue, Bachata and Salsa. Wow can these Glimpsers dance… They were so pumped they asked for an extension in the class to just dance on their own!



We proceeded to the Museo of Candido Bido a famous local artist from Bonao, we were given a tour of the museum and had in-prov skits by the Glimpsers who wanted to demonstrate their talents. Man, can our leaders act, and a few are awesome musicians…

Ending the evening with reflections, our Glimpers shared their moments of impact with each other. Definitely one of the most inspirational moments. I can not wait to see what the rest of this trip will bring..

Until tomorrow,
Miguel (Bonao Program Coordinator)

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