Hey everyone,

Day 3 has been a blast. We got some much-needed rest before starting our day. We had the pleasure of visiting Bohios Campo Anil. They showed us the process they use to make coffee, hot cocoa, and casaba (bread). We had a taste of each. Next, we were given access to the community pool. We were able to bond with each other by playing games in the pool, playing table pool, and communicating more. The lunch they provided us was very delicious.

We danced the night away. We participated in a dance class taught by a local folklore group. We learned bachata, salsa, merengue. we even had some students teach us a traditional dance from the Hispanic culture called El Caballo dorado.

Now, we are getting ready to get some sleep so we can be ready for tomorrow’s adventures. Keep watch as we share our day-to-day activities.