Pura Vida, familias y amigos!

Today we focused on Cartago’s history and how important history is to the development of a country and its current affairs. Many, many students absolutely love learning about history and have been making connections to the history classes they’ve taken at their respective high schools. The majority of the glimpsers woke up on their own before the 7 am wake-up call, to the beautiful sights and sounds of the base camp that many of them now refer to as home.  Following a traditional breakfast and an hour and a half bus ride to Cartago, this mornings tour was provided by Alvaro, our newest friend, who enlightened us on the history of Costa Rica’s first capital city and we visited the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de los Angeles. Our tour around Cartago led us to the local mercado and eventually to a yummy lunch at Cocina del Santuario. We had an opportunity to try local cuisine and loved it! We had downtime this afternoon and, of course, took advantage of the beautiful pool at Casa Aquiares where many of the delegation continued to bond, play games, chat, read, and relax!  We are feeling inspired by the glimpsers genuine desire to learn about this country, from one another, and themselves.

Much love,

Bridgett Hernandez and Kim Chin, Global Glimpse Leaders

Pura Vida!

Church ruins

Central Park

Walking around Cartago with Alvaro

Loving our pool!