Today, Mary Tabiti was Leader of the Day.

We had a delicious breakfast at Pucara Tambo, Also we had the opportunity to try guinea pig and the famous oatmeal drink.

We learned about the indigenous worldview and the culture of the indigenous population that lived at Centro de Turismo Comunitario at Pucará Tambo. Don Segundo talked to us about the community and tradition ritual.

Also, we had a program seminar on English Tutoring and were separated into six groups and planned a beginners English class.

We ended the evening with an amazing dance from Jimena Morales –Renovaciòn Folklore Dance Group and also celebrated Rowan’s 17th birthday.   Thanks to Isabel.

One thing someone said today during our reflection time that really impacted me was when Jasmine said that the people that she is meeting are really proud of their culture and traditions and when she goes back to Chicago she wants be make others be more proud of their culture and traditions.


Being leader of the day was a really challenging part for me because I’m really shy and never speak to anyone and never that confident. However, I did it and learned that I could by believing in myself and asking more questions.

-Mary Tabiti