We apologize for the delay- we’re in a rural community with limited access to internet so we thank you for your patience as we do our best to get these posts to you.

Writing to you tonight is Kristin Huot, typically the Program Coordinator on site but today (7/7/16)  I also wore the hat of La lider del dia (leader of the day). El/La lider del dia a role that all students will have the opportunity to partake in, and is a chance for the students to grow and shine as leaders as they guide the rest of the students for a day and own the activities. Today’s theme was culture. We started off the morning with an engaging academic seminar lead by our GGLs Luz and Santiago. The students had an opportunity to reflect on their own culture and how it impacts the way in which they see the world.

From there, we hopped on our bus and headed to a nearby village called Sainagua where we were welcomed by Fundacion Sol Naciente, a community organization rich in cultural identity and very proud and eager to share it! We started off with a hop-hop, merengue, and bachata dance class, led by a local Dominican dance teacher. It was really fun to see the students go from timidly following the dance moves at the beginning, to letting loose and dancing their hearts out by the end! We got to experience a palos presentation, a group who plays drums and sings. Lunch was spent getting to know the members of the palos group.

Afterwards, the students were able to play basketball and get to know the community members before hopping on the bus and heading back to our new home, CONAMUCA. Next up was a seminar on English Tutoring. Even though the Glimpsers came here as students, they will have the opportunity to become English teachers three days a week while they’re here. They spent this time learning best practices, strategies, and planning lessons.

Later in the evening, the Glimpsers separated into their self-reflection groups to spend some time getting to know one another. Many groups left this time saying how close they felt that had gotten with one another. Even though it’s only been a few days, for many it feels as if they’ve known each other for longer!

Day 3 has come and gone and time is flying fast! It’s been immensely rewarding getting to know and being inspired by each of the Glimpsers! I’m looking forward to the rest of this adventure together!