Hola from Matagalpa, Nicaragua! This is George and Jimmy doing the blog for Culture Day. As Leaders of the Day, we were tasked with making sure everyone was up on time, everyone had full water bottles, that they were accounted for, and that there were always good vibes.

Today started off quite interestingly, we started the day by learning how to make jewelry from the strong and independent women from San Ramon Mujeres de Plomo (Women of Steel). It made me think of how if you are able to persevere though all the hardships that life may throw at you, you can accomplish your dreams. What surprised me about the Women of Steel was how passionate they were when making jewelry (George). I was surprised that someone who has a language barrier was able to communicate with the group to get clear instructions across (Jimmy). My fellow Glimpsers continue to surprise me every single day. Today specifically, I was proud that they were able to accept me and Jimmy as their leaders even though we were lacking in experience (George). I was proud of myself, mostly because I was able to lead the group even though I was nervous at first. (Jimmy).

The most inspiring person for me today was Jenna Getty (Parrot). She performed an immaculate song that she composed about Global Glimpse. The song inspired me to try my best to make a change in the world, no matter how small it may be (George). I was strongly moved by the Women of Steel, they truly inspired me to persevere ¬†through every obstacle I may face (Jimmy). Being leader of the day has honestly being crazy. It’ s been humbling and exciting to be El Lider Del Dia. Being leader gave me the chance to test my abilities as a leader and to see if I have what it takes to handle responsibility. I feel like I was able to be a role model for my peers by showing them how to properly handle such a high position of power.

It was a struggle for me at first because I wasn’t as confident in my abilities, however as the day went on I began to make decisive decisions that helped lead the group through activities (George). It was fun having a position of command! I’ve never been a position like this before so it was great to have the opportunity (Jimmy). I’ve been learning a lot about myself and my peers since I got here. My compassion and respect for others has enabled me to connect and better understand the people that I have met (George). I learned that I can actually be a leader if I put my mind to it. (Jimmy)


I would like to give a big love to my family and friends back home. Love you guys, see you soon!- George

Hey Mom and Dad. It has been very fun to be here with these amazing and interesting people. Can’t wait to come back and tell you all of the fun stories. Love you a ton and see you soon!!!- Jimmy