Hi, this is Rylie Weaver and Matthew Guerrero reporting on our eventful Culture Day. We were the first LLD’s (Lider del Dia). One of our first responsibilities of the day was to wake everyone up at 7:30 a.m. To have our 8 a.m. breakfast. Like most of our meals, breakfast was catered by Don Carlos and his family. We had a delicious breakfast that consisted of Gallo Pinto, eggs, and some pico de Gallo. Soon after breakfast, we had everyone enter the Common Room in order to have our Mental Warm Up, led by Rylie and Matthew. This mental Warm up was to get our minds thinking about what was going to occur throughout the day. We also reviewed our Question Of The Day: Why is it important to preserve culture? We then made sure everyone was inside the bus, and headed towards our next destination: Diriamba. There, we learned about a cultural   Dance and tradition known as Toro Huaco. After watching Marlon’s (dance teacher) group perform, we had our turn to try to dance Toro Huaco. After dancing and learning about the importance of preserving culture, we got into the bus once again and went to Mi Bohio for lunch. We all really enjoyed the Piyata (dragonfruit) drink that was served to us, as well as the food. Our next stop was in San Juan de Oriente, where Don Alfredo was going to teach us about the culture of pottery and ceramics in Nicaragua. We also got to paint pre-made vases to take home as souvenirs. The English Tutoring seminar was held back at our hostel soon after. There we  prepared for our first English lessons as teachers. After creating our lesson plans, we headed to La Favorita for dinner, where we had a special  surprise Fourth of July party planned for us. Mostly everyone got up and danced (Rylie was killing it). Tired and barely standing, went back to Casa Roja, our hostel, and had our Self Reflection and Nightly Meeting. We learned more about each other during this time, and passed the torch to the next Leaders of the Day, Sophy and Sabrina. We look forward to seeing your comments!

Learning a traditional dance

Trying the Toro


Learning how to throw clay

Dancing at our 4th of July party