Today was culture day and we’ve been doing a ton exciting things. Our first activity was a dancing class. We learned how to dance different beautiful Nicaraguan rituals. It was very nerve wrecking to dance in front of my new peers but their excentric and encouraging personalities were very comforting. In addition they helped me try new things and step outside my comfort zone. After this we set off to our second culture activity whhich was pottery. After listening to our pottery instructor Jose Alfredo’s background it was very exciting to learn that Nica people will do anything to preserve their culture. Also today I was Leader De Dia and I loved every second of it! It was very exciting to help my Global Glimpse leaders and help my fellow peers on our new adventures. Lastly big love to my family and friends back home! I miss you guys so very much and think about you always! Kiss Daisy for me!

Love Celine Ramirez❤️

Featured picture shows students with the Diriamba dancers!