Today we were honored to visit The Mujeres del Plomo which is a group of women in the community who came together to start a small business cooperative. We were astonished by the craftsmanship of their jewelry and their commitment to their community. These ladies demonstrated that beauty not only comes in many colors and shapes, but through patience and effort. We spent most of the morning making our own bracelets then we shopped in their store to buy for our family members.
Next we visited the community center where we studied the preservation and production of frogs and butterflies.
The most rewarding experience today was visiting the Hope Project is a nonprofit organization to provide assistance to those who are in extreme poverty. The program recently finished building a school and are in need of their classrooms painted. This will be our CAP (Community Action Project) which will focus on painting three classrooms, the school kitchen and the home economics area. Our talented artists in the group will be designing a mural to go on the walls.
We had the chance to visit classrooms and interact with the students. Being able to make a child smile and see them having so much happiness in the given environment give realization that you do not need materialistic items to be happy. That was a life changing experience for us. We now have great appreciation for what we have compared to children who have nothing, yet are so loveable and happy. We had to hold back tears when we saw the amount of happiness a small plastic ball brought to a child who is poor while students in the United States become so unhappy because their $600 Iphone died or $400 dollar PS4 broke. Seeing the intense amount of poverty in this country really help us to realize and become grateful for what we are doing with this organization.
Today was a remarkable and memorable day. We are truly blessed.