Today’s word was “united”. Throughout the day, the whole group activities and free time helped the students bond. When we returned for our reflections, they formed bonds on a deeper level with their small groups.

We spent most of our day at Casa Añil, a local multi generational family compound. Ava was our translator of the day where she helped us understand the experts in making cassava, hot chocolate, and coffee using the traditional methods. 

Next we spent time by their pool, playing volleyball, dominoes, and taking photos of our beautiful surroundings. We ate a delicious lunch there that became the “rose” of many students’ day (we share something positive “roses” and something challenging “thorns” at the end of every day).

Finally we had a cultural history lesson and dance class taught by our very own Program Coordinators (PCs). They learned Bachata, Merengue, and Dembow. 

It started pouring, so we danced a little more and then rode back to La Salle for a rainy afternoon of games, reflections, and much more dancing.