Our first full day in the town of Jarabacoa started after a very needed resting night, going to Bohios Campo Anil a family business of several generations that conserves the tradition and Dominican culture to share it with the future generation. There we ate casabe a bread made from yuca a root that grows on the island, we drank delicious chocolate and enjoyed the pool there just before an amazing lunch they prepare in Bohios Campo Anil for us.

During the afternoon we went to the fire station of Jarabacoa and meet the firefighters and learn about the great job they do in favor of Jarabacoa and the towns around. After we got some homemade ice cream at Helados Ivon.

After returning to our hotel we had some free time and got divided into groups for self-reflection to discuss the day and to know each other better.

After dinner, we had a nightly meeting to talk about our day and the things to highlight and gave some shots out to each other.

It was a great day getting to know each other better and sharing with new people.