Hi everyone!

This is Emily here- Global Glimpse leader and Leader of the Day today. Today was a packed day for our Glimpsers, diving deeper into the culture of the Dominican Republic.  Today’s questions of the day were “Why is culture important in the 21st century? Why is it important to preserve culture?

After breakfast and our mental warmup, we rode in a safari bus to the Bohios Campo Anil.  A few singalongs happened along the way too-shout out to One Direction!

When we arrived to Bohios Campo Anil, we learned all about traditional Dominican ways of life, including cooking and ironing. We were able to try some really delicious hot chocolate, which everyone loved.

We were able to visit Rancho Miel afterwards, where we visited the petting zoo and made some new friends!

We were treated to a delicious lunch of rice, chicken, eggplant lasagna and salad, and then had some time to play games (another competitive game of Mafia!) on the grounds of Bohios Campo Anil.

We got home and had a traditional Dominican dance class.  We enjoyed learning dances like Bachata and the Merengue as well as teaching our instructor about some of our favorite moves from home.

After self -reflection and dinner, we held our nightly meeting, where we share our reflections from the day and our Big Love to one another.  Then it was time to pass the torch to our first student Leaders of the Day-Quintin and John S!  Time is already flying here in Jarabacoa and we are so excited to see what comes next!