Saludos from San Cristobal! In continuing with modeling what the leader of the day does, today I took on that role and was inspired by our kids energy and initiative in stepping up as leaders. We had the honor of visiting La Fundacion-Sol Naciente, an organization dedicated to preserving and honoring the Dominican Republic’s African roots through music, dance, and history. We had our very own dance instructors Junior y Elvis who taught us how to dance Bachata and Merengue. Our students stepped out of their comfort zone and participated with energy and smiles – it was so much fun to see.

We also had the honor of supporting Global Glimpse’s native Youth Ambassadors in teaching English to local students of all ages who seek to enhance their opportunities at work and their futures by entering a global community through language. One woman, Yoselini, has the strongest attendance in her class and she studies because the people at her job speak English all the time. Telling students “bueno” was uplifting and important for their progress, but telling this woman how her dedication to learn English was “ad-mir-able” was important for us. It is always a treat to see young people grow through challenging experiences, and we got to witness growth in the Glimpsers and Dominican English Language Learners as both teachers and as people who can share kindness and gratitude for one another. Our next theme will build on the historia that we learned today and explore the aid and development of this beautiful country.