Hello GG Family!! This is David Tellez, one of the GGLeaders here in San Juan de La Maguana and I was the Leader of Day today.

The day was focused on Culture and Fun! We started the day with a great experience engaging in a tradition that has been part of the Dominican Republic for decades. Students took part in painting masks that are used as part of the Carnival celebration in San Juan de La Maguana. Students took lessons on painting their masks from our partners: Angel Diaz and Ciliosther Diaz. Two partners who have coordinated various holiday celebrations in San Juan, and have also been nationally recognized. They gave students the opportunity to engage in an experience of decorating a mask, and seeing how masks are created for the Carnival Celebration. It was a quick demonstration since these masks take months to create – according to Angel! We are pictured with Angel and Ciliosther.

Next, we had an amazing lunch were our the Glimpsers went back for seconds! Afterwards, we headed to Town Hall for an amazing musical show. Students got the opportunity to learn about different multicultural inspired dances, which included a demonstration of the different types of Merengue that are present in the Dominican Republic. During our visit to Town Hall, students got the opportunity to receive a lesson from our third partner of the day: Cristian Solis. Crisitan was the person who put this amazing cultural experience together for the students, and the students loved every minute of it; especially getting the opportunity to dance with very talented Dominican Dancers!

Once all the dancing came to an end, we headed back to the accommodations, where students quickly got ready for their very first English Tutoring class. As we walked over to the school where students gave their first lesson, there was an atmosphere of hesitation. Once they were done, they came to appreciate the hard work that goes into building a lesson plan and presenting it to a class full of tutoring students. The Glimpsers appreciated the opportunity to get to know many different members of the San Juan community.

At the end of the day, we headed back to the accommodations to celebrate over an amazing dinner, where students not only headed back for seconds, but thirds. It looks like teaching really made them hungry! We always give thanks to the Onaney Hotel for great a cultural experience in their culinary skills. Thank You Onaney Hotel!

Tomorrow we get ready for Aid & Development / Discovery Day.

Good Night from San Juan!

David Tellez, GGLeader