Today was a fun-filled day that the Glimpsers are sure to remember! After breakfast, the group traveled to see a local artist specializing in traditional mask-making named Gato. Masks have a long history in the culture of the Dominican Republic and are worn in carnival celebrations that span the country.

After a delicious lunch at our accommodations, the group was ready for their next adventure: dance classes! Paul Rosado taught us the beautiful movements of bachata, merengue, and salsa dancing. The class was lively and full of laughs.

Before dinner, the students took a trip to the local grocery store to get some much-needed snacks and a few surprises for later. At dinner, the Glimpsers surprised Pratick for his birthday, singing to him and giving him and card and birthday cake. Happy Birthday, Patrick!

The night ended with our nightly meeting and a round of our new favorite (and highly competitive) game, Charades. After a tense matchup that resulted in a tie, Denny came through for the sudden-death win for team Lamb!

Today’s immersion into the culture of the Dominican Republic opened the students’ eyes to how beautiful the country’s history and people are, and by experiencing it together the groups themselves got closer to each other.

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